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Investment Consulting Firm in Ethiopia.

Having more than 16 years of experience in helping and Empowering Businesses & Investors to Succeed in Ethiopia 

Investment Consulting

MultiLink Consulting provides investment consulting services to help clients identify investment opportunities and make informed investment decisions.

Feasibility Studies

MultiLink Consulting also offers feasibility studies to help businesses assess the viability of a new project or investment. Our feasibility studies help clients make informed decisions and minimize risks when entering a new market or investing in a new project.

Company Incorporation

MultiLink Consulting also provides recruitment and company incorporation consulting services to help businesses build strong teams ,establish and comply with local laws and regulations and set up their operations in Ethiopia.

International Business Representation for Tenders and Bids

WE provide company representation services in participating in local bids and tenders for procurement of goods and Services
Bids & Tenders
We also provide Company Agent Ship, Product Registration, Business Matching, Acquisition & Merger, Property Management, Recruitments Services etc in Ethiopia
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Transforming the Agricultural Sector: The Impact of the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX)

One of the ways in which the ECX is boosting exports is by creating a transparent and efficient market for agricultural commodities. Before the establishment of ECX, the agricultural market in Ethiopia was disjointed and dominated by intermediaries who often took advantage of farmers. However, ECX has changed this by providing a centralized market where buyers and sellers can trade directly, increasing farmers’ bargaining power and making it easier for exporters to access a diverse range of quality products.

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Business News

The Banking Industry in Ethiopia: A Journey Towards Automation

Moti Engineering PLC is indeed a leading Information and Communication Technology solutions provider in Ethiopia. As one of the largest System Integrators and ATM suppliers in the country, the company has a dominant presence in the market and extensive experience in providing solutions and services to the banking and financial services industry

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