Feasibility study & Business Plan

Since 2007, MultiLink Consulting has conducted over 250 project feasibility studies and business plans for more than 200 clients across various sectors in Ethiopia. Our expertise spans manufacturing, agriculture, service sectors, export-import, and mining, with over 98% of these projects successfully implemented. We’ve been instrumental in guiding clients towards informed investment and operational decisions. Our services include:

  1. Market Analysis: We provide in-depth market analysis to understand industry trends, customer demographics, and competitive landscapes, crucial for making strategic business decisions.
  2. Technical Analysis: Our team conducts thorough technical evaluations, assessing the technological requirements, logistical aspects, and operational capabilities needed for project success.
  3. Organizational Analysis: We examine the organizational structure and workforce requirements, ensuring optimal operational efficiency and management.
  4. Financial Analysis: This includes detailed financial planning, projections, and assessments to ensure the financial viability and sustainability of the project.

Additional services offered are:

  1. Risk Assessment: Identifying potential risks and developing strategies to mitigate them, ensuring a smoother implementation of projects.
  2. Legal and Regulatory Compliance: We ensure that all aspects of the project comply with local laws and regulations, avoiding legal complications.
  3. Sustainability and Environmental Impact Assessment: Our team evaluates the environmental and sustainability aspects of projects, promoting responsible and eco-friendly business practices.
  4. Resource Allocation and Management Planning: We assist in effective resource allocation and management, crucial for project efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
  5. Project Implementation Roadmap: Developing a clear, step-by-step guide for project execution, tailored to the specific needs of the business.
  6. Investor and Stakeholder Communication Plans: We help in crafting communication strategies to effectively engage with investors and stakeholders, maintaining transparency and trust.

At MultiLink Consulting, we are committed to providing comprehensive and tailored solutions to ensure the success and implementation of your business ventures in Ethiopia

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