About the Founder



Samson Tsedeke is experienced business consultant with over 16 years in the field. He holds an MBA degree, is certified in investment and security, urban economic development from Israel, UNIDO certified, and a Certified Project Manager (CPM). He spent 10 years as a Senior Project Analyst at the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia and has extensive knowledge of the business, investment opportunities, and market situations in Ethiopia. He has carried out over 300 feasibility studies for various projects and has excellent practical knowledge in various business consulting. With his comprehensive knowledge and experience, he is well equipped to provide valuable guidance and support to businesses seeking to grow and succeed.

Areas Specialization

  1. Business consulting in Ethiopia
  2. Investment consulting in Ethiopia
  3. Market entry in Ethiopia
  4. Conducting feasibility studies in Ethiopia
  5. Recruitment in Ethiopia
  6. Company incorporation in Ethiopia
  7. Market research in Ethiopia
  8. Investment advisory in Ethiopia
  9. Operational efficiency in Ethiopia
  10. Legal compliance in Ethiopia
  11. Market entry strategy in Ethiopia
  12. Sales and marketing strategy in Ethiopia
  13. Informed investment decisions in Ethiopia
  14. Risk management in Ethiopia
  15. Building a strong team in Ethiopia
  16. Establishing operations in Ethiopia
  17. Expert support for business in Ethiopia
  18. Comprehensive business consulting services in Ethiopia
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