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ኃይሌ ጎርጎራ ላይ በአንድ ቢሊዮን ብር ሪዞርት ሊገነባ ነው

ኃይሌ ሆቴሎች በጣና ዳርቻ ከአንድ ቢሊዮን ብር በላይ ወጪ ግዙፍና ዘመናዊ ሪዞርት ለማልማት እንዳቀደ ታወቀ፡፡ 

ፕሮጀክቱ ዓለም አቀፍ ደረጃውን የጠበቀ ሪዞርትና መዝናኛ ማዕከል፣ ሰው ሠራሽ ባህር ዳርቻና ቪላ ቤቶች ግንባታ ያጠቃልላል፡፡ ‹‹ጎርጎራ ድብቅ ገነት ነው፡፡ ውኃው ንፁህና ጥልቀት ያለው በመሆኑ …

Construction Ministry Tightens Grip on Expat Employees

Non-nationals who apply for a work permit to engage in the construction sector must get a recommendation letter from the Ministry of Urban Development & Construction, according to a new directive issued two weeks ago.

The new directive that made …

Ethiopia is Africa’s new growth engine – here’s why

Ethiopia is Africa’s oldest independent country and its fastest growing economy today. With a population of over 100 million and an annual economic growth rate of 10% over the past 15 years, it presents a unique opportunity. Currently preventing …

Demystifying ETHIOPIA: Repatriation of Profit & Capital – Perception and Reality

Source: Ibex Frontiers
Presenting Ethiopia’s attractive investable opportunities to investors, the constant ask is ‘what about profit/capital repatriation?’ and we here at Ibex Frontier felt this repeated question need to be clarified with valid, verifiable, accurate data and referencing from

Licensing and Registration Process in Ethiopia

Ethiopia’s new Investment Permit Application process is simple and requires only a few steps:

These steps vary slightly depending on the business form under which investors plan to operate their business:

Value Added Tax (Registration, Rates, and Exemptions) in Ethiopia

Value Added Tax is a recent addition to the tax regime in Ethiopia. On this page, you can find the rate of VAT in Ethiopia, voluntary and Obligatory registration of VAT in Ethiopia, zero rate VAT in Ethiopia, and VAT on

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