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Licensing and Registration Process in Ethiopia

Ethiopia’s new Investment Permit Application process is simple and requires only a few steps:

These steps vary slightly depending on the business form under which investors plan to operate their business:…

Value Added Tax (Registration, Rates, and Exemptions) in Ethiopia

Value Added Tax is a recent addition to the tax regime in Ethiopia. On this page, you can find the rate of VAT in Ethiopia, voluntary and Obligatory registration of VAT in Ethiopia, zero rate VAT in Ethiopia, and VAT on

Income Tax (Regulations, Assessment and Payment) in Ethiopia

How is income tax assessed in Ethiopia? Who is obliged to pay income tax in Ethiopia? What is the tax year in Ethiopia? What are categories of tax payers in Ethiopia? This article attempts to answer these and other questions

Withholding Tax in Ethiopia: Rates, Withholding agent

What is withholding tax in Ethiopia? What are the rates of withholding tax in Ethiopia? Who is withholding agent in Ethiopia? These are important questions and this page provides explanation of withholding Tax in Ethiopia: Rates, Withholding agent.

The section

Excise tax in Ethiopia

Excise tax in Ethiopia is imposed and payable on selected goods, such as, luxury goods and basic goods which are demand inelastic. Moreover, it is believed that imposing the tax on goods that are hazardous to health and which are cause

Personal Income Tax in Ethiopia

We have compiled here the rates and exemptions on personal income tax or tax on income from employment in Ethiopia.

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