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Tariff & Duty

All imported goods to Ethiopia are subjected to customs duties and taxes, unless exempted by law. Taxes applicable on imported goods are: Import (Customs) duty, Withholding Tax (a fixed rate of 3%), Excise Tax (if applicable), VAT (a fixed rate of

HS Code

The Harmonized System Codes (HS Code) is a standard issued by the World Customs Organization (WCO) to unify the classification of the goods. These are six digit codes for identifying different products across the world. The country using these HS


These procedures have been taken out of

  1. The Re-establishment and Modernization of Customs Authority Proclamation No. 60/1997 (Download)or 60/1989 (according to the Ethiopian calendar – EC) and its amendment Proclamation No. 368/2003 or 368/1995 EC (Download)


Those who engage in the import and export business in Ethiopia have to know the customs regulation in Ethiopia. We have compiled the existing regulations regarding customs and transit in Ethiopia from the various proclamations, regulations and their amendments on …



The Ethiopian Revenues and Customs Authority is the main organ that is responsible for the Customs operation in Ethiopia. Previously it was the Ethiopian Customs Authority that oversaw the Customs operation in Ethiopia. But, since the second half of

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