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Licensing and Registration Process in Ethiopia

Ethiopia’s new Investment Permit Application process is simple and requires only a few steps:

These steps vary slightly depending on the business form under which investors plan to operate their business:…

Investment Incentives in Ethiopia

One of the steps taken by the government to enhance investment in Ethiopia is the incorporation of provisions regarding Investment Incentives. This page contains details of the incentives as laid out by the Council of Ministers Regulation.

  1. Council of Ministers

Investment Regulations in Ethiopia

Ethiopia’s primary law concerning foreign investment is the Investment Proclamation. This page contains a guide to the existing investment proclamations and regulations. It is meant to serve as a quick guide to investment in Ethiopia. It also has descriptions of …

Investment In Ethiopia


Foreign and Domestic Investment has been steadily growing in Ethiopia. The Federal and Regional Governments encourage investment; they provide land, incentives such as tax holidays, an improved bureaucracy at the Federal and Regional Investment offices, etc. The Government itself

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