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Ethiopia is Africa’s new growth engine – here’s why

Ethiopia is Africa’s oldest independent country and its fastest growing economy today. With a population of over 100 million and an annual economic growth rate of 10% over the past 15 years, it presents a unique opportunity. Currently preventing …

Demystifying ETHIOPIA: Repatriation of Profit & Capital – Perception and Reality

Source: Ibex Frontiers
Presenting Ethiopia’s attractive investable opportunities to investors, the constant ask is ‘what about profit/capital repatriation?’ and we here at Ibex Frontier felt this repeated question need to be clarified with valid, verifiable, accurate data and referencing from

Ethiopia Could Sell Majority Stake in State Telecom Monopoly

  • Horn of Africa country plans an initial 49% sale next year
  • Two new licenses to be auctioned next year, more could follow

Ethiopia may give up majority control over its telecommunications monopoly in a second phase of privatization once it’s …

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We provide the following consulting services.

የአፍሪካ ልማት ባንክ ሪፖርት የኢትዮጵያን የኢኮኖሚ ዕድገት ወደ ስድስት በመቶ ዝቅ ያደረገ ትንበያ አስቀምጧል

የአፍሪካ ልማት ባንክ፣ ጥር 9 ቀን 2010 ዓ.ም. በኮትዲቯር ዋና ከተማ አቢጃን ይፋ ያደረገው ሪፖርት፣ ከቃኛቸው አገሮች ውስጥ የኢትዮጵያ ኢኮኖሚያዊ እንቅስቃሴም ተቃኝቷል፡፡

ባንኩ ‹‹አፍሪካን ኢኮኖሚክ አውትሉክ፣ 2018›› በሚል ርዕስ ይፋ ያደረገው ሪፖርት የአፍሪካ አገሮችን ኢኮኖሚያዊ ክንውን ከመዳሰስ ባሻገር በመጪዎቹ ዓመታት …

ከምንዛሪ ለውጡ ሦስት ወራት በኋላ ቢራ አምራቾች የዋጋ ጭማሪ ማድረግ ጀመሩ

ከጥቅምት 1 ቀን 2010 ዓ.ም. ጀምሮ በኢትዮጵያ ብሔራዊ ባንክ ተደንግጎ ተግባራዊ የተደረገው በ15 በመቶ የምንዛሪ ለውጡን በመንተራስ የዋጋ ጭማሪ ካደረጉ በርካታ የንግድ ዘርፎችና አምራቾች ውስጥ የቢራ ፋብሪካዎች ይጠቀሳሉ፡፡

የቢራ ፋብሪካዎች የምንዛሪ ለውጡን በመከተል ያደረጉት የምርት መሸጫ ዋጋ ጭማሪ አግባብ እንዳልሆነ …

Multilink Consulting