Our Clients


1 Heineken Brewery S.C Feasibility Study-for Establishing Klinto Greenfield Brewery(Walia) Manufacturing/Beer
2 Heineken Brewery S.C Feasibility Study- for Expansion of Klinto Brewery(Phase Two) Manufacturing/Beer
3 Heineken Brewery S.C Environmental Impact Assessment: Expansion of Klinto Brewery -Phase-one Manufacturing/Beer
4 Heineken Brewery S.C Environmental Impact Assessment: Expansion of Klinto Brewery -Phase-two Manufacturing/Beer
5 Habesha Brewery S.C Feasibility Study- Expansion of Habesha Brewery -Debrebirhan Plant Manufacturing/Beer
6 Habesha Brewery S.C Environmental Impact Assessment: Expansion of Habesha Brewery -Debrebirhan Plant Manufacturing/Beer
7 Bedele Brewery S.C Feasibility Study- For capital expansion of Bedele Brewery Manufacturing/Beer
8 Bedele Brewery S.C Environmental Impact Assessment: for Capital Expansion of Bedele Brewery Manufacturing/Beer
9 Harar Brewery S.C Feasibility Study- For capital expansion of Harar Brewery Manufacturing/Beer
10 Harar Brewery S.C Environmental Impact Assessment: for Capital Expansion of Harar Brewery Manufacturing/Beer
11 Dashen Brewery  Sc Feasibility Study- for Establishment of debrebiran Greenfield Brewery Manufacturing/Beer
12 Raya Brewery S.C Feasibility study-beer factory-phase1-3(maichew) Manufacturing/Beer
13 Raya Brewery S.C Environmental impact assessment: beer factory Manufacturing/Beer
16 Dawro Agricultural Dev’t Plc Feasibility Study-Horticulture and Coffee plantation Agriculture/Coffee
17 Sintayehu  Tesfaye Feasibility study-coffee plantation Agriculture/Coffee
18 Zewditu Agricultural Plc Feasibility Study-Farming and Coffee Plantation Agriculture/Coffee
19 Capable Asia Agro Feasibility Study-Cotton and Bio Farming Agriculture/Cotton
20 Adama Development Feasibility study-cotton farming project Agriculture/Cotton
21 Bazen Agri & Indu Dev’t Plc Feasibility study: cotton farming Agriculture/Cotton
22 East Africa Environmental impact assessment: large scale farming Agriculture/Farming
23 Keystone Agro-Industry Plc Feasibility study- agricultural farming Agriculture/Farming
24 Zamg Agro Industry Feasibility study-agricultural farming Agriculture/Farming
25 Bho Farm Environmental impact assessment: large scale farming Agriculture/Farming
26 Clc Industries Environmental impact assessment: large scale farming Agriculture/Farming
27 Ethio-Fishery PLC Feasibility Study-fish breading and processing project Agriculture/Fish
28 Meaza Agro-Industry Feasibility Study-Horticulture and Coffee plantation Agriculture/Horti-Coffe
29 Threeh Feasibility Study-Olive and Almond Plantation Agriculture/Olive
30 Enyi General Business Plc Feasibility Study-Rose farm Agriculture/Rose
31 Enyi PLC Feasibility Study-Rose farming Agriculture/Rose Farming
32 Elmu Seeds Feasibility study-seeds cleaning Agro Processing
33 Belay Mekbeb Feasibility study- cattle fattening Agro Processing/Cattle
34 Mohammed Amahed Feasibility Study- Coffee Roasting and grinding  Project Agro Processing/Coffee
35 Belay Mekbeb Feasibility Study-Diary processing and Sheep fattening Agro Processing/Diary
36 Meaza Agro-Industry Feasibility Study-Diary processing and Sheep fattening Agro Processing/Diary
37 Beverly International P.L.C. Feasibility study-diary processing industry Agro Processing/Diary
38 Beniyam Assefa Feasibility study-fruits processing Agro Processing/Fruits
39 Beza Mar Honey Feasibility Study-Honey and wax processing Agro Processing/Honey
40 Zamg Business Plc- Feasibility study-poultry farm Agro Processing/Poultry
41 ZEMG Poultry And Cattle Fattening Feasibility Study-Poultry and Cattle Fattening Agro Processing/Poultry
42 Alarna Agro-Processing & Export Plc Feasibility Study- Sesame Hulling and Value Adding Project Agro Processing/Sesame
43 Saber Farms Plc Feasibility Study-Soya Bean farming and Processing Project Agro Processing/Soya
44 Ali Agro Processing Feasibility study-tomato processing Agro Processing/Tomato
45 Fana Broadcasting Corporate Feasibility study-upgrading radio fana Communication/Radio
46 Sheger FM 102.1 Feasibility Study-for Establishing FM Radio Communication/Radio
47 Bookworm Ojwato Okok Feasibility Study- for Establishing Grade five (GC-5) Construction company Construction
48 Dh Geda Feasibility study-machinery rental Construction/Machinery
49 Freelanders Machinery Rental Feasibility study-construction machinery rental Construction/Machinery
50 Sunshine Construction Plc Feasibility study-construction machinery Construction/Machinery
51 Al-Sam (Lina Plc) Feasibility Study-Furnished apartment Building Construction/Real-Estate
52 Alkan Health Science College Feasibility study-medical college project Education/College
53 Assay Public School Feasibility study-for extension of secondary education service Education/College
54 Ethio-Limat Consultant Plc Feasibility Study- for Establishing College Education/College
55 Alem Tesema Feasibility Study-Kindergarten and Pre-school Project Education/School
56 Adama General Hospital Feasibility study-referral hospital Health/Hospital
57 Bete Zata Hospital Feasibility study-referral hospital Health/Hospital
58 Gamby Teaching Hospital Feasibility study- teaching hospital Health/Hospital
59 Tibebu General Hospital Feasibility Study-Expansion of Tibebu Hospital Health/Hospital
60 Ethioish Agro Feasibility Study-Production of Export- oriented  Products Manufacturing
61 Mama Fresh Injera Feasibility Study-Production and Distribution of Fresh Injera Manufacturing
62 Misgina Alem Feasibility Study-flour, Bricks and Plastic Shoe Manufacturing
63 Mapple Distilleries Plc Environmental Impact Assessment: Alcohol production and Distillation Project Manufacturing/Alcohol
64 Mapple Distilleries Plc Feasibility Study-Production and Distillation of Alcohol Drinks Manufacturing/Alcohol
65 Merry Cane Plc Feasibility study-alcohol distillery factory Manufacturing/Alcohol
66 Rorank Business Plc Feasibility study-alcohol distillery factory Manufacturing/Alcohol
67 Rorank Business Plc Environmental impact assessment: alcohol distillery factory Manufacturing/Alcohol
68 Balezafe Alcohol Feasibility study-alcohol distillery factory Manufacturing/Alcohol
69 B And C Aluminum Factory  PLC Feasibility Study_  Aluminum melting and profiles Manufacturing/Aluminum
70 Elegant Into Design Plc Feasibility Study-Gypsum powder and board Manufacturing Manufacturing/Board
71 Bederu Magnesium Board Feasibility Study: Magnesium board Manufacturing/Board
72 Tomsom Bottles Feasibility Study-Bottle Feasibility study Manufacturing/Bottled Water
73 Al Sulaiteen Group Feasibility Study: mineral Water bottling  Project Manufacturing/Bottled Water
74 Eb Blocks Feasibility Study- water Bottling project Manufacturing/Bottled Water
75 ELCO Food And Beverage Feasibility Study-Bottle water Manufacturing -Origin Water Manufacturing/Bottled Water
76 Utopia Bottling Water And Flavored Feasibility Study-Water Bottling and Flavored Drinks Manufacturing/Bottled Water
77 Elegant Kitchen Cabinets Factory Feasibility Study-Production of  Kitchen Cabinets Manufacturing/Cabinets
78 Belay Ab Cable Manufacturing Plc Eia- cable manufacturing Manufacturing/Cable
79 Belay Ab Cable Manufacturing Plc Feasibility study-  cable manufacturing Manufacturing/Cable
80 Utopia Sweet Factory Feasibility Study-Chocolate and  Sweet Factory Manufacturing/Candy
81 Anbessa Cement Factory Plc Feasibility study: cement factory Manufacturing/Cement
82 Inchini Bedrock Cement Feasibility study-cement factory-new Manufacturing/Cement
83 National Cement Feasibility study-cement factory-upgrading Manufacturing/Cement
84 CCCM PLC And Morgan Management Feasibility study-crown cork factory- Manufacturing/Cork
85 Cgf Business Group- Feasibility study-crown cork factory Manufacturing/Cork
86 Anak-Crown Cork Feasibility study;-crown cork Manufacturing/Cork
87 Anax Crown Corks Environmental impact assessment: crown cork production Manufacturing/Cork
88 Repi Soap And Detergent S.C Feasibility Study- Soap and  Detergent Factory Manufacturing/Detergent
89 Siram Trading Plc- Feasibility study-launder soap factory Manufacturing/Detergent
90 Tiger Brands Market Study- Soap and Liquid Detergents Manufacturing/Detergent
91 Begashaw Shitaye Business plan for renovating adama edible oil factory Manufacturing/Edible Oil
92 Extra-Agro Industry Feasibility -Palm Oil plantation and refinery Manufacturing/Edible Oil
93 Flora Ecopower Ethiopia Environmental impact assessment: edible oil production Manufacturing/Edible Oil
94 Flora Ecopower Ethiopia Feasibility Study- for Establishing Edible Oil Factory Manufacturing/Edible Oil
95 Get-As Market Study- for Establishment of Edible oil Factory Manufacturing/Edible Oil
96 Swedish Oil Feasibility Study- for Establishing Essential Oil Factory Manufacturing/Edible Oil
97 Swedish-Ethiopian Feasibility study-essential oil distillation Manufacturing/Edible Oil
98 Simret Assfa Feasibility Study-Edible oil Factory Manufacturing/Edible Oil
99 Salasar Componds Plc – Feasibility study-bath fittings Manufacturing/Fittings
100 Addis Factory Feasibility Study Baby /infant Food factory Manufacturing/Food
101 Dire Dawa Food Complex Feasibility Study-Pasta and Macaroni- Expansion Manufacturing/Food
102 Dire Dawa Food Complex Feasibility Study-expansion of Dire Dawa Food Complex-Pasta and Macaroni Manufacturing/Food
103 Orbit Soft Drinks Feasibility Study-Soft drinks Factory Manufacturing/Food
104 Salvatore De Vita Diagnostic Study and Upgrading Plan-FOR FURNITURE FACTORY Manufacturing/Furniture
105 Tesfaye Furniture Factory Feasibility Study-Furniture assembly Manufacturing/Furniture
106 Wow Prime House Feasibility study-furniture factory Manufacturing/Furniture
107 Natural Lpg Factory Plc Feasibility Study- LPG Supply and Distribution Manufacturing/Gas
108 Saria Feasibility Study-LPG cylinders and hand pump Manufacturing/Gas
109 Else Adama Plc Feasibility Study- for Establishing Cotton Ginning Factory Manufacturing/Ginning
110 Elegant  Marble And Granite Processing Feasibility Study-Marble and Granite Processing Manufacturing/Marble
111 Elegant Int Design Plc Feasibility Study-Marble and Granite Processing Manufacturing/Marble
112 Sirakk SLAOUGHTER Feasibility study-slaoughter house Manufacturing/Meat
113 Luna SLAOUGHTER Feasibility Study-SLAOUGHTER House and Meat Processing Manufacturing/Meat
114 Oil Asia Plc Feasibility Study- lubricant oils and Grease Re-cycling Manufacturing/Oil
115 Menegesha Paper Factory Feasibility Study-Toilet tissue Manufacturing Manufacturing/Paper
116 Jmd Paper Factory Feasibility Study-for Establishing Paper Recycling and Craft Paper factory Manufacturing/Paper
117 Jmd Paper Factory Environmental Impact Assessment: Paper Recycling and Craft paper Factory Manufacturing/Paper
118 ETHIOPIAN PULP AND PAPER S.C Feasibility Study-for the Expansion of paper and pulp factory Manufacturing/Paper
119 Ada Flour & Pasta Factory Feasibility Study-Flour and Pasta Manufacturing/Pasta
120 Atebe International Plc Feasibility Study-Aluminum Foil, Pencil & Tomato sauce Manufacturing/Pencil
121 Dh Geda Feasibility Study-Privatization of Adami Tulu Manufacturing/Pesticides
122 Zenith Gebs Eshet Ethiopia Feasibility Study-Health care and beauty products manufacturing Manufacturing/Phara
123 Citrus International Feasibility Study-IV solution Factory Manufacturing/Pharma
124 Mekonen PVC Products And Bricks Feasibility Study- PVC pipes, Tiles and Bricks. Manufacturing/Pipes
125 Habte Michael Private Limited Company Feasibility study-plastic goods Manufacturing/Plastic Goods
126 Zeleul Yohannes  Polysacks Feasibility Study-polysacks  Factory Manufacturing/PP
127 Oxford Polysacks Plc Feasibility study-–pp sacks manufacturing Manufacturing/PP
128 Gebru And Family  PLC Feasibility study-pvc artificial leather Manufacturing/PVC
129 Gebru And Family PLC Feasibility study-artificial leather production Manufacturing/PVC
130 Afdera Salt Production Plc Feasibility Study-for salt Production Manufacturing/Salt
131 Am Steel Factory Feasibility study:metal tube manufacturing Manufacturing/Steel
132 Anil Jindal  Rolling Mill Feasibility study- steel rolling mill Manufacturing/Steel
133 C&E Brothers Steel Factory Feasibility study-steel factory(three phases) Manufacturing/Steel
134 Midroc Derba RFP & TOR-for TOSSA Steel factory Manufacturing/Steel
135 Muckarbi International Feasibility study-rolling mill steel factory. Manufacturing/Steel
136 Muckarbi Steel Factory Plc Feasibility study- steel  manufacturing Manufacturing/Steel
137 Netsa GIS Feasibility study-galvanized sheet factory Manufacturing/Steel
138 Pagrik Ethiopia Plc Feasibility study- cast iron production Manufacturing/Steel
139 Sheba Cable Feasibility Study-Cable manufacturing Manufacturing/Steel
140 Sheba Steel Feasibility Study-Steel Melting and Rolling Manufacturing/Steel
141 Sunrise Engi And Machinery PLC Market Study-prefabricated steel structures, & power  transformers Manufacturing/Steel
142 Yesu PLC Feasibility Study-Cold Rolling Mill and Continuous Galvanizing Line Manufacturing/Steel
143 Zenebe Firew Steel Factory Feasibility Study-Steel Melting and Rolling Manufacturing/Steel
144 Habesha Steel Feasibility Study-Steel Melting and Rolling Manufacturing/Steel
145 Habesha Sugar Mill Feasibility Study-Sugar Plantation and Sugar Mill Manufacturing/Sugar
146 Dh Geda Dyeing & Bleaching Feasibility Study-Acrylic Dyeing and Bleaching Manufacturing/Textile
147 Ethio-China Acrylic  Products Plc Feasibility Study- for Establishing Acrylic Dying and Bleaching Factory Manufacturing/Textile
148 Adama Development  Plc Feasibility Study- for the expansion of Adama Spinning factory Manufacturing/Textile
149 Awassa Textile S.C- Feasibility study-textile factory expansion Manufacturing/Textile
150 Ene Habetamu Plc Feasibility Study-For Privatization of Adei Ababa Yarn Factory NO1 Manufacturing/Textile
151 Jimma_Italian Textile Factory Feasibility Study- for establishing Textile and Garment Factory Manufacturing/Textile
152 Svp Textiles Plc Feasibility study-textile factory expansion Manufacturing/Textile
153 Wow Garment Feasibility study-suits manufacturing Manufacturing/Textile
154 Pro Tiles Plc Feasibility study- roof tiles Manufacturing/Tiles
155 Ethioboys Feasibility Study-motor Cycle assemble plant Manufacturing/Vehicles
156 Belay Ab Vehicles Assembly Factory Feasibility study-vehicles assembly Manufacturing/Vehicles
157 Betret International Plc Feasibility study_vehicles assembly byd Manufacturing/Vehicles
158 Vita Hydro Agro Processing Plc Feasibility Study- water Bottling project Manufacturing/Water
159 Werenso Business Plc Feasibility study-water bottling Manufacturing/Water
160 Belson Industrial Plc Feasibility Study- exploration and Mining of Dolomite, Diatomite and Kaolin Mining
161 Dajen Mining Feasibility Study-Clay mining Mining/Clay
162 Delbi Coal Feasibility study-coal mining Mining/Coal
163 Ader Trading Pvt Feasibility Study-Gypsum and Pumice Exploration Mining/Gypsum
164 Dashen Cement Factory Feasibility Study-Lime Stone and Gypsum Mining Mining/Lime
165 Addis Quarry Dev’t Plc Feasibility Study-Quarry and stone crashing Plant Mining/Quarry
166 ASER Realestate Feasibility Study- Real-estate Project Real Estate
167 Atakility Yihedego Feasibility study-atakility mixed use building Real Estate
168 Dir Hintsa Negadewoch Plc Feasibility study-mixed use building Real Estate
169 Ene Lishanu Real Estate Plc Feasibility Study- Real-estate Project Real Estate
170 Ikhlas Real Estate Feasibility Study- for Establishing Real-estate Project Real Estate
171 Limat Ledget  Plc- Feasibility study- mixed use building Real Estate
172 Tamirat Egata Feasibility Study- Mixed use Building Real Estate
173 Tebaber Berta Feasibility study-  residential real estate Real Estate
174 Tessema-Jolly Building Feasibility study-mixed use building Real Estate
175 Tg Plc Feasibility Study- Mixed use Building Real Estate
176 Wassamar Hotel Feasibility study-furnished hotel apartment Real Estate
177 EAAB Salary Scale Salary scale and Job grade Salary Scale
178 Addis International Five Star Hotel Feasibility study- five star hotel project Service/Hotel
179 Dh  Geda Hotel Feasibility study- star rated hotel Service/Hotel
180 Edna Addis Hotel Feasibility Study- for Renovation and Upgrading of Edana Addis Hotel-3 Star Service/Hotel
181 Ene Abrehet PLC Feasibility study-5 star hotel Service/Hotel
182 Feba Engineering Feasibility study-star rated hotel-panorama hotel Service/Hotel
183 Global Detergents Mfg Plc Feasibility study-liquid  detergents mfg Service/Hotel
184 Golden Tublin Hotel Feasibility study- star rated hotel Service/Hotel
185 Haroni Hotel(Awassa) Feasibility study-star rated hotel-haroni hotel awassa Service/Hotel
186 Haymi Apartment  Hotel Feasibility Study-Furnished apartment  Hotel Service/Hotel
187 Karamara Hotel-Dire Dawa Feasibility Study- Expansion and Upgrading of Karamara Hotel-Dire Dawa Service/Hotel
188 Kora Tower Residence Suites Hotel Feasibility Study- for Establishing Residence Suites hotel Service/Hotel
189 Kurakur Hotel And Resort Lalibela Feasibility Study-Star rated hotel and resort Lalibela Service/Hotel
190 Sister Tewabech Feasibility Study-Star Rated hotel in Nazerate Service/Hotel
191 Sunshine Construction Plc Feasibility study- sunshine marriot 5 star hotel Service/Hotel
192 Sunshine Construction Plc Feasibility study-marriot court yard hotel Service/Hotel
193 Sunshine Construction Plc Feasibility study-executive furnished apartment-marriot Service/Hotel
194 Tenkir Trading Plc Feasibility Study-Star rated Hotel Service/Hotel
195 Tewabech Hotel-Adama Feasibility study-hotel Service/Hotel
196 Yina Hotel Dukum Feasibility study-three star hotel Service/Hotel
197 City Plazza Laundry Feasibility Study-Laundry and Dry Cleaning Service/Laundry
198 Ahmed-Konjit Feasibility study-construction machinery rental Service/Machinery
199 Begena Original Art Plc-Elias Meleka Feasibility Study-Music Production and Distribution Service/Music
200 Yadot Engineering Feasibility Study-water wells drilling Service/Service
201 Addis Spare Parts Import And Distribution S.C Feasibility Study- Spare parts sales and Distribution Project Service/Spare
202 Habesha City Tour Feasibility Study- for Establishing site seeing and City Tour Tourism
203 Noble Conference & Tour-Emp Feasibility study- tour operation Tourism
204 Red Jackal Tour Operator Business and Marketing Plan for Tour operation Tourism
205 Dh Geda Air Transport Feasibility Study-commercial Air Transport Transport
206 Raaz Transport S.C Feasibility Study- Dry Cargo Transport and Logistic Transport
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